What Kinds of Motivational Speakers Can You Hire

It is not that rare for people to motivate other people. In fact, there are lots of positive results from having a person motivate a particular group of people or a team. Not only will they be inspired to take action, they also get the chance to see that there is a better future in front of them.

motivational speakersThe ones who are capable of motivating a group with life lessons and inspirational messages are the Top Motivational Speakers. If you are thinking of having someone come over to motivate your team, then hiring a motivational speaker is a good choice. A motivational speaker is someone who has honed and developed his or her skills just to challenge, inspire, and motivate other people.

It is a good thing that there are now many agencies specializing in motivational speaking. Among them, you need to find the right speaker to talk to your team. The speaker should be someone whose speeches the team can relate to. Your team should be able to learn something out of the motivational speech that the speaker delivers.

If you want to get the most value out of hiring a motivational speaker, it is important that you know where to book for one. That way, you won’t have any problems with the actual event and you can guarantee positive results from them. Here are some of the best places where it is possible for you to seek for referral when you are searching for awesome motivational speakers the team can relate to:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Professional Associates
  • Online Directories
  • Phone Directories
  • Speakers Bureaus
  • Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus

Another important thing to keep in mind when you are searching for motivational speakers to choose from is that there are two types of them. One type is the leadership motivator. The other type is the self-motivator.

Leadership Motivator

A leadership motivator is a type of achiever in a certain environment – military, corporate environment, sports, or even academic institutions. For example, you are coaching a baseball team and you want someone who can inspire the members before the next season starts. You need a motivator who is adept at delivering speeches with relevance to a baseball environment. A motivator who finds himself or herself frequently in this environment should be a good choice. This kind of motivator can also inspire the team and leave a message that the members can easily relate to.

The leadership motivator is someone who most likely have experience dealing with teams as well as the dynamics and issues that come with it. They know what people are usually worried about when they are in a group situation. As such, the leadership motivator focuses more on motivating not only the entire team but also the individuals in that team.


The self-motivators are the type of motivational speakers who usually have overcome a sort of obstacle or adversity in life. Of course, they may also be ones who have achieved amazing things in the sports field or in the general landscape of life. These particular speakers are the ones with good knowledge of what they should get motivated by as well as how to achieve their goals.

For example, you may be looking for a speaker who have gone from rags to riches. There are lots of people who are in that same situation but there are only a few who are good motivators. You have to find the one with the most awe-inspiring story to share. The speaker should be capable of letting the audience identify with his or her story.

motivational speakersThe best thing about self-motivators is that they know how to relate the story of their life in a way that lets people identify with that story. Your team are able to relate to the situation the speaker is talking about – to the point that they can even draw a parallel of their own. Through the inspiring speech of a self-motivator, your team can motivate themselves. If your team does not necessarily operate as a whole and you are more concerned about each individual’s achievements, then a self-motivator is the kind of speaker that you need.

Both the self-motivator and the leadership motivator are good at speaking. The only difference the two have is their approach. It is up to you which of the two types you will book for the motivational speaking event that you are hosting for your team. As much as possible, you have to pick out the speaker with the best concept for the audience – your team – that they are going to speak to.